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Indian Miniature Painting
with Samantha Buckley

These three-day, inspirational workshops, based in the idyllic location of Moor and Sea Holidays on Exmoor, introduce students to the beautiful technique of Indian miniature painting.

Taught by Samantha Buckley who is a professional indian miniature artist and teacher.

Samantha studied at the School of Traditional Arts in London and in India under a Master of Indian Miniature Painting.


Taking inspiration from the surrounding landscape and the Mughal art of capturing nature, students will have the opportunity to create their own unique painting.

The first step will be paper preparation, staining and burnishing.

Next is an introduction to pigments, how to prepare the Indian palette and paint with them, using the traditional technique of 

colour flooding.

The final stage will be to create the fine detail, an integral part of this style. For this, students will use the technique known as Prataj, or invisible shading, with the unique squirrel hair brush made only in India.

Course Price.. ​£240...dates for each course are below

All materials, lunch each day, cake, and refreshments are included

Accommodation at Moor and Sea Holidays...

20% discount for guests on the course​ (applies to stays of 3 nights or more for art courses)


Contact us directly through our contact form below or by phone or email to book courses and accommodation.

Indian Miniature painting Flowers

Indian Miniature Painting Flowers


Course Dates...

September 13th-15th 2024


Indian Miniature Painting

Elephants and Animals


Course Dates...

January 24th - 26th 2025


Indian Miniature Painting Birds

Course Dates...

April 25th - 27th 2025


Indian Miniature Painting Trees


Course Dates...

October 3rd - 5th 2025

For more about Samantha...

Indian Miniature Painting

A bit more about Indian Miniature Painting...

A common misconception is that these are small paintings. On our course you will paint one about A4 in size but they can be huge! The miniature description comes from the fine detail added at the end of the process.

One of the most prominent characteristics of this art form is the use of bright, vivid colours. The colours used in Indian Miniature Paintings are made from natural materials like crushed minerals such as stone dust, real gold dust, real silver dust. and plant extracts. When applied in thin layers they create a translucent effect on paper which is also specially polished with stone to create a smooth, non-porous surface. This technique gives the paintings a luminous quality and depth that is truly mesmerising.

Another characteristic of Indian Miniature Painting is its intricate detailing. The paintings are created using fine brushes made from squirrel hair and delicate strokes, which are used to create elaborate patterns and designs. The combination of delicate brushwork, vibrant hues, and graceful forms, ensures each miniature artwork is a masterpiece of fine detail, capturing even the tiniest features of the depicted characters. This level of detailing is what sets them apart from other forms of Indian art.

Indian Miniature Painting is also known for its storytelling. Many of the paintings depict scenes from Indian mythology, culture, history, and daily life. The paintings often depict weddings, festivals, and street scenes. They also incorporate traditional Indian motifs, such as lotus flowers, peacocks, and elephants. The paintings are often accompanied by a narrative that explains the story being depicted.

From afar, Indian Miniature Paintings are strikingly beautiful. However, upon closer inspection, they reveal a world of intricacy and storytelling captured in meticulous detail. This art form serves as a vibrant chronicle of India’s history, scriptures, and daily life throughout the ages.

Some of our reviews...

I have just spent the most enjoyable and productive 3 day weekend attending an art course on Indian Minature Art at M&S holidays, with artist/teacher Samantha Buckley. Thank you Bridget & Richard for going to so much trouble to make me feel welcome. Your fabulously gooey cakes and dreamy homemade soups were truly memorable.

Great venue for a residential art course in Indian Miniature Painting being hosted here. Stylish and comfortable accommodation, friendly hosts who provided the tastiest lunches and snacks, and brilliant tuition too. Just perfect!

What a fantastic place! This was the first art course I've ever done and everyone was so welcoming and encouraging, as well as even learning to make your own paints. Combined with delicious homemade lunches and snacks with a stunning view over the Exmoor hills, I'll definitely be back.

Holiday accommodation Moor and Sea North Devon

Set between Exmoor and the stunning North Devon Coast, beautifully furnished, south-facing stone lodges with lovely views surrounded by 12 acres of gardens and wild meadow paths.

Self Catering

South Facing Screened Terrace

Comfy Beds

Super Fast WiFI

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