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Eco credentials

In all of our renovations and in the ongoing day-to-day running of Moor and Sea Holidays, we have been mindful of using eco-friendly materials. We plan to continue to keep improving all of our practices and eco credentials over time.

- recycled plastic insulation and sheep's wool insulation.


-sustainable and renewable building materials.


-eco-friendly paint.


- eco-friendly, energy-efficient appliances and heaters.


- beautifully soft linen and hemp bedding.


-wonderfully comfortable eco bamboo mattress toppers.


- luxurious Eco duvets and pillows and soft furnishings.


-natural materials throughout including beautiful warm cork walls.


-planting to encourage wildlife, especially the bees and birds, including wildflower meadows and young fruit trees.


- we use Ecover and Koh eco-friendly products for cleaning and laundry.


- good recycling practices.


- two vendelectric EV charging points

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